What drinks can you do iced?

Pretty much all of them. Several of our signature drinks are designed to be iced. We have iced coffee, iced lattes, iced mochas, iced teas and cold brew and just tell us what you want and we’ll figure out how to do it iced. We love ice. We love drinks. We love iced drinks.

Does business get better when it gets colder?

Logically, the business of selling hot drinks should do better when it gets cold. But logic doesn’t buy coffee. People do. And what we’ve found is that when it’s bitter cold, people don’t go out as much as they do when it’s milder. So cold, cold weather and polar vortexes and bomb cyclones are not good for the coffee business. Our friends who deliver pizza, however, tell us it’s great for them.

Do you get donuts from Oram’s Donut Shop?

Yes, every Saturday. We always have cinnamon rolls, a variety of cake donuts with a variety of different icing and sprinkle options and the vanilla cream donuts and the other selections vary from week to week and seasonally.

Do you get the weekly special from Oram’s?

It depends on what the special is that week. Not always.

Do you have to drive out to Beaver Falls to get them?

Yes which is why we only have them once a week.

Can a bulk order for donuts be made in advance?

Yes, but depending on the size, we may require payment prior to ordering and we will require that a minimum of a half dozen of each variety in the order. We would need to have the information for the order by the end of business on Wednesday.

For the other pastries, do you make them in house?

We do as much baking as possible in our Ben Avon location. All of the muffins, brownies, breakfast bars, cheesecake bars and cookies we sell are made by our staff.

Why is there an anchor in the name? Do you serve seafood?

We don’t serve seafood. Anchor is in the name for a very different reason. The name of the shop is a long story. If you see Andy behind the bar and he isn’t busy serving customers, he’d be happy to explain.

Why is there an anvil in the name? Are you blacksmiths?

Nope. We know a blacksmith though -> The Barefoot Forge. He’s a very cool guy. The anvil is in the name for a very different reason. The name of the shop is a long story. If you see Andy behind the bar and he isn’t busy serving customers, he’d be happy to explain.

Why is coffee in the name? Do you have coffee?

Yes. We do have coffee.

Do you host private events?

We would be happy to be the site of your private event. We are very flexible with times and are happy to provide drinks and limited food or beverage options. For any inquiries, please email us or send us a message through any of our social media accounts.

We’ve got a group meeting. Can you host us?

During regular business hours, both of our shops can provide space for your meeting of up to about a dozen attendees. We can event reserve our meeting table or booth for you (except Friday mornings in Ben Avon). Just call ahead and we’ll keep it open.

We can also put together a sampling menu for your group (including several drinks and a pastry or vice versa). Cost varies based on the makeup of the items.

Is there a minimum on credit card purchases?


Is there a secret drink menu?

Of course. Wait wait, no. Uh, sorry what was the question again?

Do you have dairy alternatives?

So first of all, the default milk we use is whole milk. For anyone that is not lactose intolerant, it simply has a superior taste and texture when steamed. But we are aware that not everyone can have regular milk. So we do have skim, oat, almond, coconut and soy milk available (for a small charge for oat, almond, coconut and soy). We have on occasion been asked to carry other varieties but due to limited demand and refrigerator space, do not carry other alternatives.

Do you sell bags of coffee?

We do usually have 12 oz bags of beans available at both of our stores. The selection does vary from week to week. All the bags are whole bean, but we can grind them at the time of purchase. Prices vary with selection, but the range is usually $16-$20.

Do you have gift cards?

We do.

Do you have a loyalty or reward program?


Do I have to carry a card for the loyalty or reward program?

Nope. We will take your name and either phone number or email address. That’s it.

How much do I have to spend for a reward and what reward do I get?

Spend $50 (there are a few exceptions on what counts toward a reward) and get a $5 credit on your next purchase.

Do you close on holidays?

Some of them. Here’s the list of days we close:

-New Year’s Day


-Fourth of July

-Labor Day



On certain other days, we may have limited hours. Please check our social media feeds for the most current updates.

Do you support other local, small businesses?

YES. A lot of them, as many as we can. Here’s a few in no particular order: De Fer Coffee, Mechanic Coffee, Breadworks, Parma Sausage, Marburger Dairy, Willow Bend English Muffins, Allegheny Refrigeration, Espresso Analysts, Cardone Pizza Company, Connelly Steele & Co., Tupelo Honey Teas and plenty more.

Do you have any promotions for Small Business Saturday?

We don’t do anything different for Small Business Saturday than we do for any other Saturday. We believe that every day, every week, whether it is the holidays or not, is the time to think about supporting small businesses.