About Our Tea

Both of our stores have a variety of loose leaf teas. We use loose leaf because it is the whole leaf rather than a “cutting” or a fragment that are often found in prepackaged sachets. We do this for a couple of different reasons:

First, we have found that loose leaf teas have a more vibrant, fresh taste than in sachets.

More importantly, it allows us to have more control over the intensity of the tea and we can blend multiple varieties of tea together.

The selections do vary, both from season to season and between our two stores. We use tea from a variety of vendors, including some local to Pittsburgh like De Fer Coffee & Tea and Tupelo Honey. Please see the tea menu at each store for the current offerings.

Lastly, all of our tea is made to order, both hot and iced. For iced tea, that means that we steep it and then pour over ice so there is a wait of 2-5 minutes before it is ready to serve. The payoff, however, is that the customer gets a fresh, delicious drink made exactly to their specifications. Please feel free to ask our baristas for any customizations you desire or for a recommendation.